MTV comedy show


hosted by Hasan Minhaj
with 3 comic panelists

Taping at the MTV Studios in Times Square
Monday, July 30th - Sunday, August 5th
See Schedule Below
Monday, July 30th
Tuesday, July 31st
Wednesday, August 1st
Saturday, August 4th
Sunday, August 5th

MTV’s Untitled Comedy Series rounds up some of the craziest sh*t found online and brings it to life for MTV. Things like messed up texts and Facebook posts, hilarious pictures of people engaging in bizarre activities, and even real life virtual fail stories are submitted and reenacted for this hysterical show. The new comedy show is hosted by Hasan Minhaj -- a You Tube favorite with his net series "The Truth with Hasan Minhaj" and a series regular on MTV’s improv show ‘Disaster Date.’ Hasan has appeared on E!‘s ‘Chelsea Lately’, Fox’s ‘The Wanda Sykes Show’, and Comedy Central’s ‘Legend of Neil.’ The show is shot in front of a live studio audience where Minhaj invites a panel of three comedians to joke, dissect, and play games within the various segments. Don't miss MTV's newest comedy series where the web gets OWNED.


This show has finished taping. Please check your local TV listings for showtimes.
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Show 1 - Mon. July 30 - 3:30PM
Show 2 - Mon. July 30 - 5:00PM
Show 3 - Tues. July 31 - 3:30PM
Show 4 - Tues. July 31 - 5:00PM
Show 5 - Wed. August 1 - 3:30PM
Show 6 - Wed. August 1 - 5:00PM
Show 7 - Sat. August 4 - 1:00PM
Show 8 - Sat. August 4 - 4:00PM
Show 9 - Sat. August 4 - 6:00PM
Show 10 - Sun. August 5 - 1:00PM
Show 11 - Sun. August 5 - 4:00PM
Show 12 - Sun. August 5 - 6:00PM
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